Export Notes™

Software to Migrate Data with 100% Accuracy and High Speed!

  • No Need to Install & Configure Domino Server
  • Converts Lotus Notes NSF file to MS Outlook PST File
  • Migrates NSF Data into Exchange Server using Business & Enterprise edition
  • Bulk Migration to Export Multiple NSF Files at Once
  • Exchange Server Installation is not Required to Convert NSF to PST File
  • Support MS Outlook all Edition from lower to 2013 (32 & 64 Bit)

Begin with Export Notes™ A Best Selling Product in the World!

Whenever enterprises decide to migrate from Lotus Notes to Outlook or Exchange Server platform, they have concern of data-accuracy, security & migration speed. Various Lotus Notes Conversion tools are present but a truly satisfactory & safe conversion solution is hard to find such as Export Notes. The product is based on these requirements that provides fully automated data-migration facility assured with 100% preservation of organizational information. Its modern interface accelerates NSF to PST data-conversion speed. For minimizing all efforts with data migration from Lotus Notes to Outlook, trust on only this software i.e. the best selling product in the world comes with expert-level support service.

Collectively Export All Elements

Export Lotus Notes Emails, Contacts, Calendars (with recurrence), Tasks, To-Do Lists and Journals into Outlook & Exchange server with same content & properties.

Optionally Include Any Folder(s)

Provision to select the conversion of ‘Inbox’ folder, ‘Sent Items’ folder or any ‘user-mentioned’ Folders while exporting NSF file data to PST file.

Include Emails as Per Selected Date Range

Between the specified time-span ‘Include Emails’ optionally and export Notes to PST with selected emails those are inside the mentioned Date-interval. (Set a Date-range according to which emails would be transferred.)

Encrypted Mails Migration Supported

Inbuilt data-decryption technology, exports Lotus Notes to Outlook messages that are in encrypted format. Encryption is removed and emails are migrated as orignally.

Keep-up Internet Header Assets

Export nsf files complete protection of true Internet Header properties associated with messages (such as IP address, ISP provider info, Location, Domain, Content Type etc).

Manages HTML Data-Format

Conduct NSF to Outlook conversion with inbuilt management of HTML coded messages. At Outlook end, email messages look same as were previously.

Direct Migration from ‘All Documents’ Folder

Export entire data of 'All Documents' folder during NSF migration. Transferred data is kept intact in single folder at MS Outlook.

Include Calendars of Specified Interval

Using Calendar Filters function, highly desired entries are included for defined time-interval during Lotus Notes to Exchange migration or Outlook migration process.

Filter Task , Journals or To-Do’s for Specified Time-gap

Use filters to add necessary Journals, Tasks or To-Do lists between a user-pointed time period otherwise leave the option to export Notes to Outlook with complete data.

Export User.NSF (main) or Names.NSF File

As a source file either use user.nsf file (main storage file) or use names.nsf file (addressbook) and then convert NSF to PST file format.

Map Notes Canonical Name

This features map all Lotus Notes CN values to SMTP emails address. Choose any specific SMTP format from multiple combination lists. Mapped single as well as multiple Canonical Name via Importing CSV file containing list of CN values.

Split Option for Resultant PST

Having Split Outlook Data file option to break the large output PST file into small Outlook PST file. Divide the file as per specific size of MB and GB.

Matching Contacts Exclusion

Software excludes the similar contacts while conversion on the basics of 12 contacts properties that check duplicate contacts of NSF file. Make sure "Exclude Duplicate Contacts" option checked.

Separate PST of Contacts

By default software migrate all Lotus Notes contacts into same PST file. Check option separate PST for contacts, if wish to distinct contacts from same PST file and stored contacts independently.

Why Should User Go with This NSF to PST Converter Software?

  • Keeps every emails cc, from, bcc, to, sent date & time, received date & time, subject and all properties.
  • Able to migrate the Lotus Notes Document links(NDL) as well without modification.
  • All associated background, inline images and attachments are exported from lotus to pst with emails.
  • Allow to save the converted NSF data into specific location with desired name.
  • Hierarchy of all nested folders and subfolders are created as same.
  • All transferred emails from Lotus Notes to MS Outlook are preserved with their original status (Read & Unread).
  • Calendars entries are maintained with Recurrence events including Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily with Date, Hour and Time.
  • Multiple NSF Files are migrated in Batch. Functionality of Bulk Migration is allowed with Business and Enterprise edition
  • Migration engine is built with 10x speed (approx 10GB per hour) to migrate large size data in minutes from export notes to Outlook.
  • Auto detection of Outlook versions, provision to create pst file either in ANSI format or in Unicode file format.
  • Folder Mapping option is there to map system defined folders into specific Language.
Free of Cost Demo Version

For testing the features, download the Demo Edition of Notes to Outlook Conversion software free of cost.Free edition can export NSF files with first 25 items per folder only.

Place Order for Licensed Version

Using full version of software completely export NSF to PST file without any limitation. Buy licensed edition only at $149 and get the activation key within next 15 minutes.

Supported Editions of All Platforms

Lotus Notes conversion is supported with any version NSF file (Domino Server & Lotus Notes 9.0, 8.5, 8.0, 8.5.3, 7.5, 7.0, 6.5 & all other Lotus Notes editions).

Lotus Notes to Outlook conversion executed into entire editions of Microsoft Outlook (MS Outlook 2013-32-64 bit, 2010-32-64 bit, 2007, 2003, 2000, 2002 & MS Outlook 97).

Lotus Notes to Exchange migration is supported with all latest editions of Microsoft Exchange Server (MS Exchange 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 and other all).

Export Notes application can be installed on any Windows Operating System (Win8, 7, Vista, XP, Win Server 2008, 2003, ME, NT & All).

What Users Say About Lotus Notes to Outlook Product

The software is the best solution I have used so far for email migration projects. The tool has features that helps to customize the migration process according to use of an individual user. Amazing Working, Reasonable Price!

— Jeremiah, Liberia

The investment in technician license of this NSF Converter has added a benefit for switchover to the new client-server platform. Filters, folder mapping, header maintenance are the incredible features added in this NSF file conversion tool.

— Adsyson (Togo, West Africa)

This is my gesture of gratitude for offering such a powerful solution for NSF to PST conversion. I have exported more than 250 mailboxes from Lotus Notes to Outlook using this tool and all employees have entire database with its integrity maintained.

— David Moore, United States

I am very thankful to the entire technical support team of Export Notes Software who give me feast response to my all queries. This product really a magical stick for those who wants to convert Lotus Notes mails to Outlook email platform.

— Samantha, Italy

A Technical Briefs of Lotus Notes & MS Outlook

Lotus Notes is an email client application introduced by IBM in 1995. But, it has gained popularity with name IBM notes. Where as MS Outlook is an inbuilt application with Microsoft office suite. Lotus Notes use .nsf  file extension to save its database and MS outlook uses .pst  file extension  for its files. Though, both of these are email clients, used for sending &receiving emails. But due to some functionality related issues Lotus Notes users started switching to other email clients like MS Outlook.

There are various reasons for choosing Outlook for migration.

  • MS Outlook is cost effective and is worth installing.
  • Unlike  Lotus Notes, Outlook is integrated with many devices to facilitate its users.
  • The Outlook is very simple to use as user doesn’t require any technical assistance.
  • It’s simple user  interface  and time saving capabilities have made it a choice of users for migration. 

Questions which usually arise before conversion, some of them are:

  • Is it possible to migrate complete database?
  • What will happen if any interruption occurs during migration?
  • How long will it take to migrate my database?
  • If migration gets failed, will it affect the Lotus Notes environment?
  • Is there any need to set-up server or other application for migration?
  • Does it convert only email or other NSF items too (calendar, task, journals, contacts)?

There is a solution for all the above thoughts. Just proceed with perfect Lotus Notes to Outlook converter tool, that will help you to migrate whole NSF database to Outlook format. The application ensures quick and easy migration. Also, there is no need to install server or other environment to perform conversion.The tool is recommended and trusted by many users around the globe for migration.

Common Queries Regarding NSF to PST Converter
I want my all contacts in a separate pst file. Does the software support same?
Yes, Software has an option (Migrate Contacts into Single PST file) in 1st step. Enable this option to convert Notes address book (names.nsf) file into separate pst file. By Default (If option is not enabled), software merges all items (emails, contacts calendars etc) into single pst file.
Is Domino Server necessary to perform migration?
No, the installation of Domino Server is not required. If you want to migrate data from direct domino server to MS Outlook or Exchange server then you can use another migration product.
My NSF file is too large (20 GB). Can I convert?
Yes, any size nsf file can be converted. There is no file size limitation with product.
Is any size limitation with Created with PST file?
No, the product has support of both type pst file i.e Unicode and ANSI. Software has no file size limit and manages PST file size according to selected MS Outlook version.
I have applied password in nsf file. Can I convert?
Yes, you can convert password protected nsf file but you need to Switch ID in Lotus Notes (File > Security > Switch ID) and put user.id file & password. After that open your nsf file with Lotus Notes. Once the file is open, you can close the Lotus Notes application and convert nsf file using the product.
Does Product migrate encrypted nsf files and emails?
Yes, product migrates only encrypted emails not encrypted nsf file. For encrypted nsf file migration, you need to open that file in lotus notes then you can migrate using the tool.
I have purchased Corporate edition of product but unable to find Lotus Notes to Exchange & Bulk migration option.
Lotus Notes to Exchange and Bulk migration features come with Technician and Enterprise edition only. To get these features, you need to buy technician and enterprise license or update the corporate license.