Read All Steps to Know that How Product works

  1. Download the Setup of Software and Install it properly on conversion Machine. Software allow to convert .nsf database and names.nsf file individually. Export NSF Database
  2. Choose the location of (*.nsf) file to start the migration.
    Location NSF file
  3. In next screen click and export for converting names.nsf file as Lotus Notes save contacts in separate PST.
    Migrate names.nsf
  4. Browse the contacts file by clicking on browse button next to the text tab and click on open button.
    names.nsf path
  5. Migrate Contacts into Single File option is there if need to export or save Lotus Notes contacts individually.
    Merge or separate Contacts
  6. For selective migrate check the export selected folder option, export only checked Lotus Notes folders to Outlook. After done the required changes click on apply button.
    Filter Contacts
  7. If wish to convert only selected categories then check the particular category and done the conversion process. By default software migrate all the categories of NSF file.
    All categories
  8. Filter Lotus Notes Mails, calendar, Journals and to do list as per date range. Click on apply filter and set the date range otherwise software export all data.
    Filter data
  9. Use Exclude duplicate option to prevent duplicate entry and get unique contacts Conversion.
    Exclude Duplicate Contacts
  10. Contacts can be filter out by twelve predefined contacts properties.
    Contacts Fields
  11. To apply various advance setting such as Remove Encryption, Folder mapping etc. Click on setting button next to the checkbox
    Advance Setting
  12. Check the required setting to preserve HTML formatting, Doclinks and internet header.
    Save HTML formatting
  13. Manually set the SMTP email ID to map the Lotus Notes Canonical Values. To map numerous CN names upload the CSV file of all the users.
    Map CN Name
  14. Folder mapping option is there to map the entire system folder same as it appears in Lotus Notes.
    Folder Mapping
  15. To break the Outlook Data file use the spilt option, it divides the PST file according to the specific size of MB and GB.
    Break PST file
  16. As soon as click on Export button, software start the conversion process according to the applied advance setting.
  17. Get the entire conversion status report of each and every element into CSV file format.

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