Lotus Notes Calendar to ICS

Application to Convert Lotus Notes Calendars to ICS Format

  • No Size Restriction - Convert Unlimited NSF Calendars to ICS
  • Support to convert Recurrence , meeting, appointments
  • Need to Install & Configure Lotus Notes 9.0 or below version
  • Get Single ICS File for Each Calendar of NSF File
  • Synchronize Duplicate Entry of Calendar in NSF File

Professional Way To Move Lotus Notes Calendars In ICS

Calendars are great way of sharing meetings and other schedules over internet, the latest format used is ICS format. Many applications and devices support ICS to import calendars data, so if you also have requirement of exporting Lotus Notes calendars in ICS format then make use of excellent Lotus Notes to ICS converter tool. The tool will help to create single ICS file for each calendar entry along with Notes and meetings, schedules etc.

Bulk Conversion Of Calendars To ICS:

The tool has ability to export bulk calendar entries in latest ICS format smoothly without any complications and alterations. The tool output single ICS for each calendar file and help to migrate recurrences, alerts, meetings, events, schedule, alarms and appointments etc in ICS format.

Universal Supported Format:

ICS is globally accepted format for calendars therefore, users can migrate Lotus Notes calendars into ICS format that can be further imported in Google Calendars, Yahoo Calendars, Evolution, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey etc.

Support MS Outlook:

The most beneficial part of converting NSF calendars to ICS is it can be further imported in MS Outlook. Users can access Lotus Notes calendars in MS Outlook and many other applications that support ICS format.

Keeps an Eye on Duplicate Entries:

Integrated with latest algorithms the tool has ability to check for duplicate emails while conversion of NSF to ICS. This eases the task of user to maintain duplicate data in emails while saving on hard drives of computer.

View Progress Summary:

Users can view live progress details of Notes calendar to ICS conversion in software panel with details like how many files are there, time, creation date, and size of file etc. This gives an idea about how much time is expected to be taken by software to convert files.

Maintain Metadata And Formatting:

The tool has ability to maintain the original formatting and metadata of files during NSF to ICS format. The tool does not make any changes to calendar entries it means users can take original data in ICS format without any damage.

User Friendly Interface :

The tool is embedded with user friendly interface to carry out Notes calendar to ICS format so that even novice user can operate it easily. There are self-illustrative steps to carry out conversion process without facing any technical issues.

Save Files Accordingly:

The tool helps users to maintain record of all details at location of your own choice. Users can either save the desktop of computer or can create new folder to save all ICS files in system according to personal choice of users.

What is the strength of tool that makes it popular and reliable?

  • Self-illustrative process to convert Notes calendars to ICS format
  • Converts NSF calendars of any size to ICS format without facing any issues
  • Create separate ICS file for each Notes Calendar without any alterations
  • Supports all Lotus Notes version including latest 9.0 and below
  • Eliminate duplicate items from Lotus Notes calendars
  • Runs on all Windows version without any compatibility issues
Download Freeware Version

Demo is available for users to analyze the worth of tool before investing in full version. This edition helps to convert first 15 items from NSF calendar to ICS format free.

Purchase As Per You Needs

Users can invest in full version of Lotus Notes to ICS format according to their choice, Personal, Business and Enterprise license are available with ability for bulk conversion.

What Users Say About Product

I have few important Meeting schedules in NSF file that I need to export in ICS format for sharing it with my colleagues. Lotus Notes to ICS converter tool helped me to do this without facing any technical issues. Thanks a lot team for such creation!

— Kim Goodall, London

I don't have any other option rather to adopt a professional tool for Notes calendar to ICS conversion. Lotus Notes to ICS converter tool is brilliant tool to export all Notes calendars to ICS format as all of my data is in original form without any alterations. Thanks guys!

—Jane Houston, France

What was more important for me is formatting of all calendar entries which I found was accurate and safe after conversion into ICS format. The Lotus Notes to ICS converter tool is advanced and fast to carry out this, superb team. Congratulations for such success.

— Jack Adler, Germany

The Lotus Notes to ICS calendar is most reliable tool I had ever used over internet, this is because I have successfully migrated more than 500 calendar schedules in ICS format without a bit of loss. Thanks team for sharing wonderful creation with us!

—Jakkie, USA

A Technical Brief About Lotus Notes Calendar To ICS Conversion

Calendars play vital role in running out business in this technical arena this is because using this application users can schedule all upcoming tasks and meetings accordingly. Using calendars users can arrange all day to day activities along with sharing ability with other colleagues. But introduction to iCalendars have provided users with opportunity to send meetings, alerts, notes through emails. It saves all data in .ics format and comprises of MIME content. It is compatible with latest applications like Google Calendar, Evolution, Apple Calendar, and Thunderbird etc. Therefore, Lotus Notes calendar to ICS conversion has taken an important place in market.

Situations DemandingLotus Notes Calendar To ICS Conversion Are:

  • Technicalities of Lotus Notes make most of users disappointed so this could be the first reason behind Lotus Notes to ICS conversion. Novice users require a sound knowledge that ultimately requires training sessions, that also affects the budget of organization too.
  • Lotus Notes lacks in providing groupwise sharing and other facilities, therefore converting in ICS provides better platform for sharing. If any organization is using Lotus Notes another is using Outlook then sharing files becomes easier allowing business users to ease up their work.

Queries That Put Up In Mind Of Users Before Taking Lotus Notes To ICS Conversion:

  • Can we convert bulk NSF files calendars at one time?
  • Does software make any changes to metadata of files?
  • Can we make single ICS for all Notes Calendars?
  • Can we import ICS files on different platforms?
  • How much time software take to migrate all files?

All-In-One Solution For All Your Needs– Lotus Notes to ICS conversion can be better carried out using Lotus Notes to ICS converter tool. The tool supports all versions of Lotus Notes for converting files in ICS format and also does not make any changes to original files.

Some Common Queries

Can we create single ICS file for all calendar entries from bulk NSF files?
No, Software will create single ICS file for each Notes calendar that can be more convenient for you.
Does software maintain recurrence of the meetings in ICS format?
Yes, the tool has advanced algorithms used that help to maintain record of all events and meetings in original format.
Can we use encrypted NSF file with tool to convert calendars as ICS files?
Yes, you can use encrypted NSF files with tool but in two cases first is you should be aware of its password or second is it should be saved at its default location. Then only you can convert calendars as ICS using this tool.
I don't have Lotus Notes installed on machine can I use this tool?
No, you must have Lotus Notes configure and install on machine to convert Notes Calendars to ICS format.